Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, David -- But Don't Eat the Cake

Today is my son-in-law's birthday. The Rosses have been so blessed to have David as a part of our family. When he asked me if he could marry Jenny, I asked only one thing of him -- that he guard her heart. He has done that so well.

We have laughed so many times as we think back about the way David tried to impress us when he first started dating Jenny. Intentionally losing card games with Beverly. Pretending that I was so overpowering as all the boys wrestled in the swimming pool on vacation. (David, you might want to take some acting lessons).

And what a wonderful father he is to my granddaughter. My heart wants to explode sometimes as I watch him with Malaya. He is such a good daddy.

Besides all that, David is an extremely hard worker. And his love for the Lord is so obvious.

So, happy birthday, David. I love you.


I was watching ABC news day before yesterday. They were doing a report on fat content in foods, and how New York is considering passing a law that all restaurants must stop using trans-fats. I am glad to see that many food chains are voluntarily removing such fats from their foods.

But one statement really caught my attention. They said, "MacDonald's is making us obese." I turned to my mom, who was visiting, and said, "They aren't making me obese." I mean, I have yet to see Ronald MacDonald holding a gun to anyone's head and telling them to eat 6 Big Macs.

Don't get me wrong. Any move to make food healthier is good. But is this something the government should get involved in? Are they going to tell me that I can't have an occasional Blizzard at Dairy Queen? And if fast food places are responsible for obesity and heart disease -- what about grocery stores?

This is Political Correctness run amock. What has happened to personal responsibility and self-control?

Please tell me: Am I missing something here?


jonroster said...

Not real sure what goes on in Washington D.C. these days. I think politics is a joke for the most part. It is "sophisticated" people reverting to 2nd grade games of back-stabbing and one-upping. The majority of elections are not which one is better, it is which one is least bad. I know that is a generalization, that is why I said 'majority' and not 'all'.

jross said...

I have quit eating at McD's (and places like that) because of it's effects on me. But that's the point - it's my choice.

I believe the government has an obligation to inform us of the findings concerning health issues, and upon these discoveries they should require restaurants to post the fat contents (or whatever it is) in their food. But imposing laws as is being proposed is just more big government. There's enough bureaucracy without adding to it.

Jeff said...

Government should ban bad foods and allow bad shows. They should ban guns and turn criminals loose earlier. Government should also provide me a car, house and entertainment. I should have to do nothing and live in comfort. Yes, this is what government should do.

OK, maybe not. I'm certainly a "less government is more" type of person but if they are going to ban anything it should be TV and video games. While some of the food offerings aren't so good, I think our lack of mobility is the bigger problem.

Beverly Ross said...

Happy Birthday, David! You're the best!

Kyle R. said...

Rick said: "This is political correctness run amock. What has happened to personal responsibility and self control?

Please tell me: Am I missing something here?"

I say: Where's Jack Hammer when you need him?

I also agree with Jeff.

randy said...

I suspect my views on gun control are well known. From my perspective there are a great many laws banning things that should be a matter of choice. The problem with banning you disagree with or think hurts people is that we may face a day when the majority believe that Jesus is bad for you and reading the bible gives you delusions. Last time I looked we were called to be santified not PC.