Monday, November 06, 2006

Get This Clown Out of Town!

Sorry I'm a little late with my blog. I have been playing "Grampy" this morning -- taking my daughter-in-law and grandson to my daughter's house in Keller.


So, T.O fans: Is "the Disease" worth $10 million? I watched about 10 minutes of the game yesterday. I saw him score a touchdown, and do his cute little "nap." He got what he wanted -- a lot of attention. Who cares that it came with a 15 yard penalty? It could have been a momentum booster. Instead, it seemed to fire up the Redskins. But he got on ESPN -- that's what he cared about.

And then he drops a 75 yard sure touchdown! A ball I could have caught (even at 50). Probably was thinking, "How can I top my last cute endzone show?" Well, it probably cost them the game.

Get this clown out of town!

I am so disappointed. A team that used to be the envy of the league. A proud francise. And now it is the joke of the league. All so a multi-million dollar owner can stoke his ego and pretend that he is a football man. Jerry Jones as General Manager is a joke! Do you think any other team in the NFL -- if they were looking for a General Manager -- would say, "Let's get someone like Jerry Jones!'

And Bill Parcells. No doubt he was once a great coach. Not legendary, but great. But here in Dallas he has been mediocre. His boorish behavior in interviews doesn't endear him to anyone, either. He seems to me to be a man who is just biding his time until he retires.


OK, that's my rant. I feel better now.


Last night as we were finishing supper (about 7:40), the lights went out. They were out until about 12: 30. We managed to round up a bunch of candles and sat in the den until about 10. It was pretty nice, really. We just talked. Jennifer said, "I wish I could just turn off the electricity at my house every once in a while." Yeah, I agree.


jross said...

Florida didn't get the game, so I missed all the drama. But I did see Jimmie Johnson take the points lead in another great sport. I know you're sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see who is going to be the NEXTEL Cup champion. GO 48!

Josh Ross said...

Calm down. A little too much hostility for Big Daddy Ricky. Just let me write your blog for next Monday. Most of us are aware of what the Monday blog will look like these days. However, I'm a little confused--do you like TO, or do you not like TO? Help! Clarify! :) (sarcasm intended)

Rick Ross said...

Hey, son

Allow me my fun. Everyone was on the T.O. bandwagon a few months ago ("Oh, he's changed." "He will be a great addition to the Cowboys." "You are so wrong, Rick."). All of a sudden, I can't get them stirred up. Where have they all gone?:)

And you -- you want to write my blog next Monday? What are you going to do? Video it? (jk)

randy said...

I remember in college talking to the my friends from OU bible chair about whether we'd commit to raising our children without TV. I didn't and as events transpired it wasn't the best solution for a deaf child.

Our electricity went off twice while I was watching a DVD I'd seen before. There was almost an inch and and a half in my rain gage and I'll take all disruption in favor of that blessing.

Jeff said...

As bad as it was to see 4th and 2 (my new nickname for TO since he dropped it in the NY Giants), the horrible blocking and bad decisions on the sidelines sure don't help things. It's a sad state of affairs for the Cowboys.

Shannon said...


I am right there with you on T.O. and I am not a Cowboy fan. He is more trouble than he is worth. What bothers me is how he can rant and rave at other players who mess up but when he does it he just smiles and laughs it off. A couple of weeks ago Michael Irvin actually had enough nerve to compare him to Tiki Barber when all the Tiki retirement talk came out. You know that is like comparing the Honor roll student to the class clown or the Citizen of the year to the village idiot. I say turn him loose!