Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Where's the Beef?

Incredible! A month ago, nearly everyone was ready to write the Cowboys off (me included). Yet, after the Giants' loss last night, the Cowboys now stand tied for the division lead. And their schedule looks pretty favorable compared to others. I guess it helps being in the mediocre NFC.

And how about the BCS? Usually at this time of year, it seems that things are clearer than they stand this year. Of course, few would question that if Ohio State wins out, they are number 1. But from there, what? Even though MIchigan is currently number 2, according to what I read, if Southern Cal wins out, the computers will bump them to number 2. And then there is Notre Dame sitting close by -- playing USC this week. Arkansas could spoil things for Florida. It will definitely be interesting.

It is sad that there are no Big 12 teams lurking.


OK, back to Thanksgiving. What is your favorite meat? While we have to have turkey, it is not my favorite meat. And I only like the white meat -- pretty dry. I probably prefer ham -- if it is a real ham and not the processed stuff. Beverly gets a spiral-cut ham shoulder and I love it! We are also serving brisket this year. Of those three, I would probably rank them: 1. ham, 2. brisket, and 3. turkey.

We have never tried fried turkey -- but I have heard it is delicious. So, what's your meat?

Tomorrow: Sides.


jross said...

It's funny you wrote this blog. We must have one of those brotherly ESP things going on. This year we are abandoning the turkey and having ham all the way! Not only that - I can't wait until Christmas to have another ham. It is one meat (unlike turkey) that won't sit in the frig until someone finally throws out the carcass.

Michigan deserves #2 and ought to get another shot at OSU. Why? Because they lost to the #1 team in the nation by 3 points. USC lost to a nobody. Notre Dame got massacred by Michigan. Florida was beaten by a shaky Auburn, and Arkansas lost to a NOBODY, but then improved. As you can tell, I really don't have an opinion about the whole thing.

Josh Ross said...

As for meat, white meat turkey and brisket. Can't wait!

More importantly, about college--let the College Football addict speak. Ohio State has no more games to play. They are a lock. They completed their season undefeated, so it is not a matter of them winning out. They already won out.
Likewise, Michigan is done too. They sit and wait to see the rest of the drama.
If USC wins out, they will be there. They will have beaten one really good team (Notre Dame) and one above average team (UCLA). Two wins at the end of the season will put them in the BCS Championship game.
If Arkansas wins out, they should have a shot as well. In contrast to Uncle John, they didn't lose to a NOBODY; they lost to USC. (You might have been sarcastic).
Florida deserves a shot as well if they win out.
It's crazy!!!
The question is who will represent the Big XII South in the Big XII Championship game?

jonroster said...

Now that the nonsense has been spoken, let the real college football addict speak. Josh did a good job of opening for statement by stating that OSU has already won out as has Michigan. Michigan had their shot at OSU and didn't get it done. It is not fair to Ohio State or the other teams that are lurking to give them another shot. Let's say they beat Ohio State the 2nd time, is it a split National Championship? No! Do they play again to make it two out of three? NO! It is unfair to Ohio State. It is difficult to beat a team twice. It has to go to one of the other teams. This is the problem with not having a playoff. Moving on, I had not written the Cowboys off as some others had. They were too close in all of their losses. They WILL make the playoffs. The only one I have written off is that idiot kicker.

Matt said...

Meat: I like to have Ham, dressing, and these potatoes that my mom makes all in one bite. Wash it down with sweet tea.

College Football: Wow, this is a mess!! I think Michigan is a great team, but not a lock at the #2 team. The were helped by some OSU turnovers, and their defense got the ball run down their throats. They don't deserve a rematch for the reasons Jonathan said, and you would basically telling OSU that their Big 10 title didn't matter. I think Arkansas should go before USC, even though USC thrashed them, b/c they would have gone through the SEC undefeated and are a totally different team then the one that played USC (Mcfadden didn't play, different QB). If the Hogs lose to lsu or florida, then I say USC goes b/c they had one of the toughest non-conference schedules and lost a trap game to oregon state. If USC gets beat by ND and Florida beats ARK then Florida goes. If USC loses to ND, Ark. loses to lsu,then beats florida, then Michigan can sneak back in there. Under no circumstances should WVU or Louisville go.

By the way, Jonathan and Josh, I'm thinking about driving up to KC for the Big X11 championship. Would either of you be interested in going? If you go you can't wear Husker stuff.

Josh Ross said...

Matt, has a time for the Big XII Championship been set yet?

Matt said...

Dec. 2, 7 p.m.

jross said...

My first reaction is to say, "I was just checking to see if you read what I wrote." But that's not true. I COMPLETELY forgot Arkansas lost to USC. So, to amend my statement, USC lost to a nobody, then beat Arkansas. That ought to work against Arkansas for the National Championship.

I stick with the OSU vs. Michigan rematch. Winner take all.

I don't agree with it - but there will never be a playoff system in college football.

Amen to the "idiot kicker" comment.

Rick Ross said...

Well, I think I have found out how to get people to comment on my blog -- talk about food and football.

I can tell it will be fun at the Ross house this Friday. Josh, are you bringing your Husker shrine?

Jonathan, at lunch your mother was saying that she is very disappointed in you. She said she taught you never to call anyone an idiot. She said "That's terrible." I told her that i agreed: he (the idiot kicker) is terrible.

jenny biz said...

I am a traditional girl on this one!I LOVE turkey with gravy!!
Now on the college football--no clue--GO ACU WILDCATS!! Are they ranked??:)

Jeff said...

I am no fan of ham. For Thanksgiving, I prefer turkey and if not turkey, Joe T's tamales.

For Christmas, shrimp is the only way to go with some turkey thrown in for good measure and some more Joe T's tamales.

Kyle R. said...

Favorite meat: Ham. Turkey is just okay in my book. But my grandmother makes this turkey/dressing combo (sometimes chicken/dressing combo) that is just, for lack of a better word, awesome. I'll be eating that with a smile on my face for days after Thanksgiving. It's making my mouth water right now.

College Football: I once used to eat, breathe, drink, sleep football; but I must admit I haven't followed college football as much this season. I've just had other things on my mind and used my Saturdays for other stuff. But what I have seen Ohio State or as OSU alumns say, "The Ohio State University," is clearly the leader of the pack. And of the other #2's, I would like to see Arkansas. Although my hunch would be USC.

Dallas Cowboys: I also think the Cowboys will make the playoffs. I don't know if they will win the NFC East, but I think they will at least be a wildcard. Without using the "I" word (as not to offend Beverly), I will simply say that kicker is Vanderjacked up in the head. He is almost as mental as T.O., just not near as vocal. I can't believe in the NFL there are no other options for the Cowboys as a kicker. With the kicking game right, the defense playing well and the rising of Romo, who knows what could happen?

Talking about the NFC: remember when an NFC team won something like twelve or fourteen superbowls in a row in the 80's and 90's? The power certainly has shifted.