Thursday, November 16, 2006

Your News Source -- Right Here

The media is having a field day this week. What did you think of the Bobby Knight incident? I think the guy's track record suggests he has some real anger-management problems. But if any other coach had done what he did this week, would it be in the news?


Then yesterday, the story broke about O. J. Simpson coming out with a book entitled, "If I Did It." This is classlessness taken to a new low. This guy is now going to make millions of dollars by exploiting the deaths of two people -- which, according to early reviews of the book -- he basically admits to killing. Because our Constitution says a person cannot be subject to double jeopardy (tried for the same crime twice), there is nothing that can be done to him.

I don't know why the earnings from this book cannot be garnished to pay for the 30+ million he owes from his civil trial.

Beverly, the ever-maternal one, said this morning, "How could he do this to his children?" Good question.

I am using much self-control right now, because I could really go off in a judgmental tirade about this man.

Remember after the trial, when he said he would spend his life looking for the killers? He must have reason to think they were golfers -- because he spends all his time on the golf course.


And Tom Cruise is getting married in Italy. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


jross said...

I think Bobby Knight is who he is. Risks are taken when hiring certain people (or playing for them). He's a great coach, but he goes overboard sometimes. I've seen football coaches grab their players, get in their faces and cuss them out (Bill Cowher), but he's never placed in the Bobby Knight category.

O.J. is wasting oxygen. "Take him outside the city gates....."

Does your news source report that this weekend is the last NASCAR race of the season and that your younger brother's driver will most likely be the champion? GO 48!

jonroster said...

Bobby Knight is in the news because of his track record. Much like T.O. in my opinion. T.O. has done nothing wrong in Dallas (other than drop passes) yet because of his track record, is in the news for everything. Our media sources are ridiculous and blood-thirsty. I would like to see OJ, Mike Tyson, and Osama Bin Laden all get put in a room together and lock the doors and say only one is coming out alive. Once they fight until only one is alive, never unlock the doors. Is it bad of me to thin thought like this? What would Tozer say?

randy said...

The simple solution is not to pay any attention to the media. I wasn't aware of whatever incident involved Bobby Knight although I had heard about the juice's book. But God willing I'll leave out for the deer lease about 2:30 in the morning and have the amazing privilege of worship this weekend.