Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What's On The Side?

I was so glad to see that O. J.'s travesty of justice got panned. I was sorry to hear, however, that he will probably still walk away with $3.5 million. What a vile man.


Tomorrow is it: Thanksgiving! I live such a charmed life. I have so many things to be thankful for. My wife is THE most incredible person I have ever known. And I have the blessing of getting to spend this life with her. Of course, my family in general is a tremendous blessing.

But this year, I think the blessing most on my heart is the church I serve. I have been here for a year and a half now, and still feel like I am in the "honeymoon." I LOVE THIS CHURCH! I look forward to each assembly time. Obviously, because I love to praise God. But the fellowship is so sweet. I thank the Father for bringing us to Decatur!


By the weekend, I hope to have Christmas decorations up. I am trying to decide whether to get one of those inflatable Santas to put on the balcony out from. I am leaning toward it because I think Malaya would like it.


OK, today's topic: Side dishes. Beverly worked for straight hours in the kitchen yesterday preparing for Thursday. She fixes so many delicious things. Thanksgiving would not be the same without her gourmet potatoes (everyone in the family loves them). And she makes a good sweet potato dish. I'm not crazy about sweet potatoes, but I like to have one large spoonful of hers over the next several meals.

But my favorite has to be dressing. I don't like when it has big hunks of egg. But I LOVE dressing -- a little on the dry side. I like to get the edges. I probably will have 10,000 calories tomorrow in dressing alone.

I've never had "stuffing" before. Is that a Northern thing? I wonder if it tastes like dressing.


Melanie said...

Stuffing is not a northern thing. It's the same as dressing. At least in the StL area. I miss Beverly's gourmet potatoes, but not as much as I miss her chicken and rice. I still can't get mine to turn out like hers does!

Melanie said...

Let me can buy stuffing in a box. This is not the real thing. Stuffing (aka dressing) is bread, eggs, spices, etc and baked.

jenny biz said...

Melanie-We are actually all having chicken and rice tonight:)!!
The gourmet potatoes top my list also and the homemade rolls! Yummy!!

Beverly Ross said...

The sides are my favorites! I love the dressing - my mom's that is. The potatoes are wonderful and the corn and the green bean casserole.

Anonymous said...

I love Glenda's everything she makes. I get stuck making the whole dinner for me and Terry and the kids this year. :-( Well, at least we will have Christmas dinner at Glenda's. I guess my favorite is sweet potatoes.