Monday, November 13, 2006

A Waste of Time

Yesterday afternoon, I washed and detailed both of our cars. I love the way the cars look and smell right after I finish. At the time I did not know that rain was in the forecast for tonight.

I have not been very good through the years at keeping our cars clean. Something about washing a car seems like a huge waste of time. They look nice for a day or two -- and then they need to be washed again.

I'm not consistent in my application of this principle of wasted time. I love keeping a nice yard, which as you know must be done again in a week's time.

I realize that many things in life are like that. My youngest son used to complain about making his bed for the same reason. He thought it was a total waste of time, since he would be getting back into it that night.

What -- to you -- constitutes a waste of time? I already know what you NASCAR fans are going to want to write -- if you are truly honest.:)


Josh chided me last week for my regular Monday trashing of T. O. So, I won't mention another couple of crucial drops yesterday by the self-proclaimed greatest receiver of all time.

Wow! What a shake-up in the BCS! I know fans from many schools are now thinking they have a shot at the national championship. I think I might pull for a real underdog -- Rutgers.

Congratulations to Decatur on winning the district championship in football. Go all the way to state!

Also, congratulations to Paradise and Boyd for making the playoffs. I hope all our local teams go deep!


jross said...

I invited a friend to come watch the race at my house yesterday. He politely declined saying he already had plans to watch paint dry.

Josh Ross said...

Here is what I want to get better at--"WASTING TIME WITH GOD!" I could have been funny and said something like or SportsCenter, but I want to get better at wasting time with the Almighty. Just being with Him. Soaking in His presence. Being transformed into His glory.

Jeff said...

Watching the Texas game Saturday was pure agony. I was banished to another part of the house for yelling at the TV too much. Fortunately, I was busy all day Sunday and didn't see 4th-and-2 drop any passes. It sounds like Romo is doing a good job though.
I didn't see the race either but none of my guys won so it doesn't really matter.

I hate wasting time sleeping, shaving and putting gas in the car. Three things I wish I could do without.

jonroster said...

my feelings have not changed towards making the bed...there are some other things that i think are a waste of time, but this blog is rated PG i assume. they would be more in the crude category that may earn a PG-13 rating (not sexual or anything, just crude)...josh get your mind out of the gutter.

Kyle R. said...

I've always thought that making the bed was an absolute waste of time for the reason mentioned previously. But I never could get my mom to see my point of view and still can't get my wife to see it.

Yard work, sleeping, shaving, putting gas in the car, personal hygiene, etc. do not fall into the same category as making the bed. Some wastings of time do help deter entropy.

Cassey said...

I like to keep my car clean, but I just can't find t he time to do it . I think making the bed is a waste of time as well, but it sure makes the room cleaner .

randy said...

I'm right there with the guys on making up the bed. However, all things are relative.

Last weekend on my day off (every day I drive to work into FW) I drove to the cingular store in FW to replace my and Linda's cell phone. My phone case is broken in a couple of places and held together with duct tape that is starting to wear out. It's time. Anyway, I had been there earlier in the week and they assured me I would get the Lockheed discount (which is substantial) but needed to have Linda there to pick her phone. So we spent the morning driving in, waiting in line to pick our phones, only to be told that they had changed the discount policy during the week and we could not buy our phones there.

As I drive home in disgust, I remark to Linda that it was a pretty much wasted morning. She looks at me and says "How could you say that - you got to spend the morning with me?" So it's a matter of perspective.