Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Election Day

Today is mid-term election day. This may prove to be very interesting. Does America want to stay the current course? Or are we wanting drastic changes. Because it seems to me that the two parties are further apart ideologically than perhaps ever before.


So, Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to hang. I have found the feedback from the world to be interesting. Bush has commended the passing of the death sentence. Tony Blair has commended the guilty verdict, but is opposed to the death penalty. Among the Iraqis themselves, there appears to be both jubilation and "blame the Americans" (what a surprise).

I have been wondering lately: Would the world be better off if there was no USA? I think many in our own country believe that. I find myself disappointed in the way we tend to politicize so much in our foreign policy. But we are also an extremely benevolent nation -- unlike any other on the planet.


If you live in the vicinity of Decatur and have wondered about a good work that you could volunteer some time to, I would recommend that you check out WARM. They are in desperate need of volunteers for such things as answering the phone, stocking groceries, packing food boxes, etc. If you might be interested in giving an hour or two a week, call them at 626-4676.


Josh Ross said...

You have raised some good questions. I tend to ride the fence on this issue, occasionally leaning one way or the other.

On the one hand, I am grateful for America. I love our freedom, our diversity, and the many opportunities that this nation offers. I like America.

On the other hand, do I think it is okay to put a song like "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" in our hymn books? NO!!! Even worse, do I think it is okay to translate a verse like Psalm 33:12, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord," as a verse pointing to America? NO!!!

As you stated in your blog, there are many good things that America as a nation does for the world. We claim and usually practice peace, freedom, and democracy.
I would question your statement that America is more benevolent than any other nation. The stats that I have seen say much differently. If we are talking about percentages, we aren't even in the top 50.

jonroster said...

i'd be like josh in going back and forth. america is a great country and i am blessed to live here. however, it is not the nation that is referred to in scripture as God's nation, and why our patriotic songs are in our "sacred" songbook i do not understand. our reputation in other country's is accurate and inaccurate at the same time. generalizations is what most of our reputation is anyways.

randy said...

When my nation falls short of my expectations perhaps it's because I fall short in my Christian influence.

Kyle R. said...

I do believe the world is generally better off because there is the USA, but I echo the sentiment that the USA is not God's nation as it is often interpreted. Many of our founding fathers were not quite so "Christian" in ideology or behavior as they are often depicted.

I am thankful that I am an American and have the privileges that come with my citizenship, but far too often we seem to have forgotten that what we have are priveleges and along with these privileges come responsibilities.

I also personally believe that the best government is the monarchy where Jesus is the King, but unfortunately, all the world does not hail Him as King. But there again, Jesus' kingdom is admittedly not of this world. So, in terms of man made government, I guess democracy is pretty much as good as it gets.

While we are probably the most benevolent nation in the world in terms of actual dollars, I would question how we do in terms of percentages of gross income or net assets. We may be higher than I think in terms of percentages since many of the other industrialized countries have extremely high tax burdens, but I bet the citizens of the so called "third world" countries often are more benevolent in terms how much they sacrifice to help others.

I do pray that God will bless America, but not the same way that many hope we will be blessed!:)

Jeff said...

I certainly don't think we are a favored nation in God's eyes but also don't have issue with celebrating the fact that we can speak freely about God in our country and that during history, many of our forefathers did give consideration to God.

As for as benevolence, I'm sure we give a lot but don't think I give nearly enough. It seems I remember reading about some Christians that sold what they had to help others. I'm a little too comfortable with my possessions and based on what I've seen in other countries, think I can freely say that it is endemic across our country.