Friday, November 10, 2006

Look Out For Falling Ducks!

I mentioned in my blog on Monday about the power outage at our house on Sunday night. I found out what happened this morning -- as it made the front page of the Wise County Messenger. A flock of ducks was flying over and was struck by lightning. Apparently they fell onto a transformer and blew it out. 26 ducks!


I watched bits and pieces of the Louisville/Rutgers football game last night. It was a good game. Louisville entered the game ranked 3rd in the nation. Rutgers was ranked 15th, I think. Anyway, Rutgers was playing at home. The fans were absolutely going wild! They have not had a game of this magnitude in their history -- even though the 1st collegiate football game ever played included them.

Well, Rutgers won! It took two attempts at a field goal in the final seconds -- but they won. And the fans stormed onto the field like ants on an anthill if you stir it up. It was an incredible moment.

I like sports, but as I get older I think about how fleeting such moments of euphoria are. And I wonder: Why don't we get as excited about this: God loves us -- even in our sin! Jesus took our sin debt -- and nailed it to the cross. The Holy Spirit lives inside us to help us to live victoriously! There is a place called Heaven -- where we can live in the presence of the Father for all eternity!

And yet, for the most part -- we get more excited about some reality TV show than we do with that.


Jeff said...

Emmitt's really doing well though. :)

I agree that far, far too often our focus is not where it should be. I was having a conversation yesterday with someone about how we get caught up in what is important to us which is usually something that shouldn't be very important at all in context with eternity.

Josh Ross said...

It was a great game.
Then, the MAVS came through with their first victory of the season after losing 8 straight games! My little bro (your youngest and least favorite son) texted me at 12:30 prophesying that the Mavs will be 78-4 when the season is over.

May God continue to mold us into Kingdom people that seek first His Kingdom in every aspect of our lives--from church services to sporting events to shopping malls.

randy said...

Somebody's going to get a ticket. Everybody knows the limit on ducks is five. If I could capture the same enthusiasm for church that I have for shooting wouldn't that be grand?