Monday, November 27, 2006

Tuesday's Blog on Monday Night

I am writing this blog on Monday night. Tomorrow morning Beverly and I will be traveling to Mansfield for the funeral of Merle Foster's son who tragically died in a motorcycle accident last Wednesday. Please keep Merle and Ray in your prayers.


Don't come by to look at our decorations for a few days. We have had a major malfunction of our "Santa and Frostie coming out of the igloo." It is a sad sight right now. I will have to try something different.


So, Vanderjack (sp?) got cut. How could they do that to the self-professed greatest fieldgoal kicker in history? Now if they would just cut "Lead-hands" Owens -- I will be a happy Cowboy camper again.

How about them Mavs? As I write, they are beating up on the Timberwolves. Looks like their streak will reach 10. Wow!


Josh Ross said...

Too many emotions to be handled in one blog.
-Sorry about the death. Max Lucado alludes to how great heaven will be; not just because of what is present, but what will be missing. A-MEN!!!
-Hope your Santa recovers.
-I would hate to be a kicker. Too much responsibility. Little to no room for error.
-Keep TO. He is converting. Did you see his generosity after that touchdown Thursday? He gave the ball to Salvation Army.
-You almost spoke too soon about the Mavs. They nearly blew a 15 point lead.

randy said...

-Ray and Merle are very much in our thoughts and prayers. Although I don't pretent to comprehend it, I look forward to heaven where the loss of our children will no longer be painful.
-One of the perks of living in the country is that few put up exterior Christmas decorations and so there's no pressure. Alas, the new neighbor who moved in across the road put up lights across her house.