Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let It Snow!

I love snow! If I lived somewhere where you had it all the time, it might change my feelings. But our annual snow that melts by the next day is always exciting to me. I love to go stand outside when it is coming down really hard. If you are somewhere that is quiet, you can hear each flake as it hits the trees or the ground. There is something that is just delightful about that to me.

So, I am rooting for at least two inches of snow by tomorrow. Our forecast here in Decatur calls for snow from about sun-up until early afternoon. I would love to spend tomorrow with my wife at home with a nice fire in the fireplace and watching a couple of DVD's.


Josh Ross said...

This is coming from someone in Decatur where the temp hit the high 70's on Thanksgiving!!! WOW!

Jeff said...

I love the snow and hate the ice. It's so fun to watch the kids when it snows and I have so much fun with the snowball fights. I've already got people in my office worrying ice and what they are going to do which drives me crazy. So, I hope it snows but the ice will stay in the freezer.

Kyle R. said...

I will be utterly surprised if we have any accumulation with the ground temperatures that we currently enjoy. But, hey, what do I know about weather?

I do like the snow also... for a few days.

Shannon said...


AMEN brother! I would love to have a couple of inches of snow!!