Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Godhead

I must admit the Rumsfield resignation took me by surprise. I am wondering: If he was such a political liability, wouldn't the resignation have made more sense prior to the election rather than the day after?


It seems to me that the subject of the Godhead comes up a lot these days. It is a very difficult concept. After all, Islam accuses Christians of being polytheistic.

I really do believe that this is one of those concepts that we humans will never fully comprehend. Kind of like a 5th dimension. And any illustration one uses has its weaknesses. I have found the most helpful illustration to be comparing "the Trinity" to water. Water can be a gas (steam), a solid (ice) or a liquid (water). But it is still only one element.

I've also used the candle illustration. You have the candle itself (Jehovah), the light it gives off (Jesus) and the warmth it radiates (the Holy Spirit).

Again, any attempt to compare the Godhead to such things has its inherent weaknesses. It is a concept I will continue to wrestle with. Any ideas?


jonroster said...

well being a life long CofC'er, there really is only God and Jesus. Kidding, seriously kidding! The Trinity is something that I do not understand or comprehend, but have faith in. Kind of like the Old Testament, God gives Himself the name I AM. Well what does that mean, you are what? All things! On another note, with Rumsfield resignation, it's time for Cheney's!

jross said...

I have never heard the candle illustration. I like the egg illustration. There are 3 parts to an egg (shell, whites, yoke). Each has a different function, but they are all part of the egg.
Rumsfield needed to go. But be careful Jon, I hear Cheney is going hunting in Texas soon.

Kyle R. said...

The water illustration has always made the most sense to me. I haven't heard the candle before, but I like it.

I also agree the concept is infinitely greater than any human mind this side of eternity will ever comprehend.

I didn't know that Muslims viewed Christians as polytheistic because of this.

I'm surprised by the Rumsfeld resignation too.

I'm off to the deer lease! But this 80+ degree weather sure doesn't feel like deer season.

Everybody have a great day!

randy said...

Three aspects - one God makes sense to me. At least for today.

I think Rumsfield's departure dimimishes Bush's credibility. Rumsfield was no friend to the F-22.