Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Invitation to Reply to My Blog

BOO! Scared ya', didn't I.

For a well-researched and balanced article on Halloween, go to www.answers.org/holidays/halloween.html.


According to my blog-meter, there are quite a few readers of this blog every day. Still, I must confess that there are days when I wonder if the time I spend on this is worth it. Some days, nothing comes to me -- while other days the blog is basically written in my head the evening before. However, I would really like for there to be more interaction with you readers. For instance, yesterday I threw out a question -- trying to bait you to respond. Nobody did!

So, again: I want to invite you to respond. It doesn't cost anything. And it makes reading blogs more fun


My mom has been here for a couple of days. As we spent some time together yesterday, I was reminded that it would have been my dad's 77th birthday. He was born October 30, 1929. That's right, for you history buffs. He was born THE DAY of the stock market crash.


Josh Ross said...

If I respond every day from now until Christmas will I get an extra Christmas present?

jross said...

Is the bait today to make a comment about mom?

Melanie said...

I read it every day, but very rarely make comments! Sorry about that! If it makes you feel better, I read Mike Cope's blog every day but don't comment there either! Keep us updated on Papa!

Jeff said...

I didn't have a thought on any other wonders of the world. I'm would have thought you would offer up Tiger for consideration though. Randy may think it is the ability to shoot a small, pesky animal at long range. Some would think it would be Daytona or Talledega. I just don't know.

There's my comment.

jonroster said...

I am going to respond now just so does not get an extra Christmas present than me. Now that is incentive.

Kyle R. said...

I hereby pledge to try everyday to make a comment even if it adds no value or I really have no idea about meaningfully discussing the topic for the day.:)

Really... I do read the blog almost everyday and look forward to it.

I thought the great stock market crash was on October 29th, 1929? Interestingly enough, I think I read somewhere that even if one had held the stocks in the DJIA owned even during the crash/depression until today, it would have still grown on average at somewhere around 5-7% per year, which beats inflation. I'll try to check on that and get back to you to see if that is actually true.

Blog on!

Rick Ross said...


You are quite a history nut. Actually, the crash began on Oct. 29. But I think Black Wednesday was the 30th. Anyway, it was right in there somewhere.

I have heard the same thing about stocks held during the Depression. I'm thinking you might even be a little on the conservative side.

Shannon said...


I read your blog every day and look forward to it. I just don't comment very much. Listen, if Josh and Jonathan are worried about getting extra presents for blogging just send all of their presents to me! As for the seven wonders of the world, how about Tampa's only Super Bowl team? I may be dead before the even make the playoffs again! Blog on my friend I enjoy reading your thoughts.

Beverly Ross said...

I love your blog!