Friday, November 03, 2006

Painting: Resurrection Morn

Beverly and I were visiting one of our sweet members (Dorothy Paul) out at Governor's Ridge Tuesday night when I noticed a painting on her wall. It is called "Resurrection Morn." Dorothy is an avid reader of Civil War history and had gotten the picture at one of the battlefields.

She told me to read the back. The story is incredible. It went something like this. During a lull in the fighting, the two armies were camped opposite each other with a river in between. In the Confederate camp, a chaplain was holding a Bible study. One of the young men decided he wanted to be baptized. He was told that it would be too dangerous, but he insisted.

So, the Confederate troops laid down their weapons and approached the river. When the Union army saw them at the river's edge, many of them came closer to see what was going on. As the baptism took place, troops from both sides were at the water's edge.

After the baptism, the Confederates began singing a hymn (I can't remember which one). The Union soldiers joined them in the singing.

You can see the painting at It's by Hong Min Zou.


Beverly Ross said...

I LOVE that picture and I want one!
(That is better than a hint!)

Josh Ross said...

Great story. Awful war. The power of reconciliation is evident.

Kyle R. said...

All unity is made possible when we meet at the cross.

The apostle Paul would write whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free.

What about whether Union or Confederate? Yes! Whether Union or Confederate!

What about Democrat or Republican? Blood or Crip? Metropolitan or Redneck? Arab or Western? And any other designation of people groups? Yes!

Thank you Jesus!

randy said...

There is nothing civil about war.