Friday, March 23, 2007


I have a spot in my flower bed along the walk from the front door to the street that keeps growing mushrooms. Not two or three. Hundreds! I have tried Roundup. I have dug the dirt out and replaced it. I have dug the dirt out, put undeluted weed poison in the hole and replaced the dirt. It half-killed the shrub that sits right next to this spot. I thought maybe it had worked.

This morning as I went out to get the paper, guess what I saw? Yep. The mushrooms are peeking through the dirt again.

How is it that weeds and unwanted stuff is so much easier to grow than what you really want? After all, St. Augustine is actually a type of weed. Did you know that? But because it is a weed that I want, it is harder to grow than the weeds I don't want.

I like having a nice yard, and since I tend to be obsessive about certain interests -- THIS DRIVES ME NUTS!

I am looking forward to heaven. I can't wait to see Jesus. I can't wait to see people I love who have gone before me. I want to sit down with Paul and ask him about a few things he wrote that I don't totally understand.

But one of the 1st things on my agenda is to find Adam. And when I do, I'm going to punch him in the nose. For sins? No, through Jesus I have been forgiven of my sin. No, he's going to get a knuckle sandwich because of WEEDS!


Jeff said...

Jacob was asking people in our class Wednesday what they thought heaven would be like. Since our simple minds can't comprehend it, we all had thoughts of things that we enjoyed. I'm sure you will land on a golf course with perfect grass and never think about another weed. As for me, I'll be catching 26" trout when not on the basketball court doing 360 degree slam dunks.

Dennis said...

Rick, I can't believe you have those beautiful mushrooms growing in your yard. I have been trying to grow those for the past 2 years, but the St. Augustine keeps choking them out. How do you do it!!!

Anonymous said...

I've got a list of questions for God too. Number one is onions. I mean seriously...those skanky purple onions...ewwwww gives me the heebie jeebies everytime I'm close to one. Second is skunks. If anyone knows what purpose skunks could possibly have let me know. Third is mosquitos. Now I'll give God some slack on this one because bats eat them blah, blah, blah but they spread disease, annoy me on camping trips and buzz in my ear.

Oh and how is that the angel of the Lord was able to hit Peter to wake him up in prison I thought angels were kinda floaty like slimer in Ghostbusters.

Kyle R. said...

I am totally with you on the weed thing. It drives me crazy too, especially this time of year when the grass is still a little brown and it looks like I'm trying to grow weeds as a cash crop.

Why do weeds grow so easily? It's really pretty simple: shallow root system. They don't endure, they're really not good for anything, they're a nuisance. Just a few more weeks and many of the weeds will not be able to take the heat, the grass will green up, and they won't be as noticeable.

Their shallow roots will not enable them to endure. Hmm... that reminds me of parable Jesus told!

Brent said...

I'm not going to complain. If it wasn't for weeds I wouldn't have anything green in the yard...

randy said...

You city boys have it easy. The predominate vegatable life form in my yard is grass burrs. The predominate animal form is a race between the fire ants, paper wasps, and black widow spiders.

I'm sure heaven will contain none of these but will be a place where the prairie dogs are stupid and stick their heads up way too close to you and your rifle shoots to point of aim with any tunig.