Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is It a Sign of Aging?

I used to be a huge sports fan. I could tell you the lineups of many major league baseball teams and who was leading in what. I knew many of the NFL team's rosters, as well as the NBA's. Today, I feel like I am so disconnected. So many people are involved in fantasy leagues, and it sounds like a lot of fun. But I would be at a total loss.

Currently everyone's attention is focused on March Madness, and I really feel clueless. The news said that something like 45% of the American public has filled out a bracket (I might have mis-stated that statistic). Count me among those who have not. I wish I had more of an interest -- but I just don't.

The same has happened to me with music. I once could tell you who was singing just about everything that came on the radio -- pop, rock or country. Today? Unless it is an oldie, I probably haven't even heard of the artist. I guess it may just be a generational thing.

But all is not lost. The Masters is coming up next month.

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randy said...

Used to watch each and every football game on TV - what a waste of time.

Did you say "The Master is coming?" It's time and past time to get ready.