Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Visit Beverly's Website

I would invite you to visit Beverly's new website for her counseling service. It is www.wiseccc.org. I think it looks great (especially the picture of the woman). It has been incredible watching how God has blessed this ministry. Funding will be an ongoing issue, but clients won't. She is filled to the gills!

So there is a guy in South Texas who claims to be Messiah. He says he is Jesus returned to earth. And he has a pretty good gathering of people who believe him. Of course, ABC is going to do a special on him tonight. What else will Satan come up with? Boy, he is on the attack against the faith right now. It must mean that he is feeling threatened.


Jeff said...

I truly wonder what must go through someone's head to think they are the Christ. Are they completely delusional? Are they just a con artist?

I don't know how the Lord will return but I'm fairly confident it won't be on Primetime or 20/20.

Beverly Ross said...

Thank you for advertising for me!
Cool! Should I expect a bill?

Kyle R. said...

As I understand Scripture, I don't think there will be any doubt when Jesus returns to this earth the second time. Television specials and secluded compounds will not be necessary.

randy said...

Were there vultures gathering around dead bodies down there?