Wednesday, March 21, 2007


In Sunday morning Bible class this quarter, we are studying some of the many names of Jesus. This week we will be examining the word "Lord."

Jesus being Lord is a concept that we who call on Him often take far too flippantly. The whole implication of "Lord" means the right to rule. Yet we have a hard time rectifying the discrepancy between our words and our actions, our name and our lifestyles.

I came across some exerpts from a book by Robert Boyd Munger entitled My Heart -- Christ's Home. In it, he describes letting Jesus move into the home of our hearts, and what would happen as He enters each room AS LORD. How would that affect our Study, our Den, our Bedroom, our Gameroom, our Closet?

Munger concludes:
Dropping to my knees, I said, "Lord, You have been a guest and I have been the host. From now on I am going to be the servant. You are going to be the owner and Master."
Running as fast as I could to the strongbox, I took out the title deed to the house describing its assets and liabilities, location and situation. I eagerly signed the house over to Him alone for time and eternity. "Here," I said, "here it is, all that I am and have, forever. Now You run the house. I'll just remain with You as a servant and friend."
Things are different since Jesus Christ has settled down and has made His home in my heart. This is the difference made when one truly yields his or her life to Jesus as Lord and Master.


Amy C said...

That is good stuff!

Jeff said...

I hope I can learn to yield my heart to God. I want to but so often I turn to my old ways, to a focus on me and not Him. I know the joy of turning my life over to God and I know the pain of failing to do so. It's a constant reminder of the ways Satan gets to me when I let my guard down.