Friday, March 16, 2007

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader

I have watched with amusement the new show on Fox, "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader." I realize that there must be tremendous stress being on camera answering questions before millions of people. But I am also amazed at simple questions that people with college degrees cannot answer.

Last night, for instance.
"What country borders the United States to the north?" The lady didn't know the answer!
And there was a man on there who was in real estate. His question: "What is half the area of a 12 X 12 square?" He dropped out rather than answer the question. When the host, Jeff Foxworthy, asked him what he would have said, he answered, "24." Yessir, that's the guy I want listing my house on the market.

And to think that these people will be voting in the next election! (Please realize that this is written half-tongue-in-cheek).

I finally got to go play golf again late yesterday afternoon. What a gorgeous day it was! I played pretty well. And I found about 2 dozen golf balls (seven Titleist Pro-V1s). My favorite golfball is the Pro-V1. They are very expensive -- about $45 a dozen. But I have never bought one. I have received two dozen as gifts. I love hunting golf balls, and love giving them away to others. But I do keep all the Pro-V1s.

So thanks to all you golfers out there who buy Pro-V1s and then lose them. I am especially grateful to those of you who lose them when they are fresh out of the sleeve:-).


Jeff said...

I have typically played with golf balls that my dad or others have given me. I'm convinced they are giving me the balls that don't work well and that is why my slice is so severe. I would expect buying a sleeve of Pro-V1's would keep me in the fairway and lower my score by 20 or so.

randy said...

I have some golf balls that I stole from Ron Hess wired to my back fence. I shoot at them with pellet guns from my back porch. Knowing Ronnie I doubt he paid $40 something a sleeve for them. Would the V-Pro's be easier to hit?