Monday, March 19, 2007

Wacky Weather -- Global Warming?

I am praying that the weatherpeople are right this week. They are calling for rain beginning Tuesday all the way through Saturday. And last night they said the rain would be heaviest WEST of I-35! I can't remember the last time I heard that.

We need to be praying for rain every day. This morning it was announced that Dallas is already putting watering restrictions into effect. No watering between 10AM and 6 PM. And it's March!

We have two couples who are stranded in Europe today because they cannot fly back to New York. Right now reports are that it may be Tuesday before they can make it back. I guess being in Paris or London for two days wouldn't be all bad. I just hope this is all over with before next weekend! I sure don't want Beverly getting stranded over there!

I am beginning to wonder if the environmentalists are not more right than I have previously thought. This global warming thing could be a serious issue to reckon with.


Jeff said...

I am ready for the rain.

I certainly don't enough about global warming but have read thoughts from "scholars" on both sides of the issue. I think there is some truth in there but just don't know where it lies.

randy said...

I am praying for rain.

Global warming has been politicized so getting at the truth is unlikely.

I hate when science gets overcome by spin control. The predictions for the NE is 30's and snow. I'm not sure how global warming can be assigned as the cause.