Monday, March 12, 2007

Let It Rain!

I was so hoping that we would get some of the rain the weatherpeople had promised. We might have gotten enough to wet the sidewalk. It is interesting the way the weather pattern has been in recent months. The Metroplex has gotten a considerable amount of rain. In fact, I think all the lakes east of I-35 are full. Yet, we are in a drought. Pray for about an eight-inch gully-washer!

Well, there is still a chance for more rain today and tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon, after working in the yard, I came in to look over my sermon for last night. There must have been a mockingbird sitting on our chimney. It began to sing, and the sound was amplified through the chimney right into the den. I could have listened to that for hours. It was so pretty.

I loved watching the Mavs play in LA last night. They are looking incredible right now! They beat the despised Lakers (boo, hiss) 108-72! Excuse my fulfilling of my fleshly nature, but watching Kobe pout made my day.

I am down to about 24 hours before Beverly leaves for Africa. She is spending some time today with Jenny and Malaya. So, we will make the most of an evening together tonight. How better to spend it than watching Jack Bauer blow away a few bad guys (Oops. There's the fleshly nature again).

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randy said...

You know I'm right there with you. I'd be lost if Linda left for two weeks.
I like to watch and listen to birds - I put out food for them, provide housing, and don't even shoot the ones that come to the back yard unless of course they belong to the feral sparrow or obnoxious blackbird variety. Even the doves get a free pass. The gold finches are about gone but I've seen a purple martin already.
Disappointing as the lack of rain was it reminded me that rain doesn't come from the weatherman (100% bah) it comes from God.