Monday, March 26, 2007

I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back

As I write this Beverly is hopefully over the Atlantic. She left from the east coast of Kenya at about 4:30 our time yesterday morning. They flew to Niarobi, where they had a 7 hour layover. So about 1:30 our time yesterday afternoon, they left Niarobi -- headed for London. They should have arrived in London about 12:30 our time this morning (6:30 AM London time). They were to have another 7 hour layover. Hopefully they took a bus tour of London or something similar to that. They should arrive in Chicago around 4:30 this afternoon before the final leg -- arriving at DFW around 8:15. So, it's down to less than 12 hours!

This has been difficult being apart so long. I can only imagine how our service men and women feel being apart for months at a time. But my Sunshine will reenter my life tonight after dark.

I watched some of the PGA tournament yesterday, and was once again amazed by Tiger. He didn't play very well, yet still won by three. His next stop is the Masters. I can't wait! Boy, would I love to go there some day. Did you know that it is the hardest ticket to get in all of sports?

Can the Mavs win 70 games? It would be a great accomplishment, and it is within the realm of possible since they have gone 5-5 on their current 6 game road trip. But none of that means anything if they don't win the championship this year.


Jeff said...

I happy for you and Beverly that she will be back tonight.

I'm not a fan of pro basketball but think I know a little about it but I'm not sure how a team goes 5-5 on a 6 game schedule.

It's amazing that the hardest ticket to get is one where you watch people hit a ball over and over again. Hit, walk, hit, walk, hit, walk. It doesn't sound so exciting.

jross said...

Why do I think that Mexican food is in the near future for Rick and Beverly Ross?

About the Mavs. Great season. This should be their year.

I thought Bristol tickets were the toughest tickets to get (Jeff will understand).

Rick Ross said...


They have one game left on their road trip. Being an accountant, you should know that 5 + 1 = 6.

YOU want to call GOLF unexciting? "Look! Here they come again. There they go. Here they come. WOW! Look at that pitstop, would you? Did you see how many gallons of gas they consumed just then? There they go again." (I haven't taken a dig on auto racing in a long time. But you and John leave me no choice.)

Josh Ross said...

Adding in sports is a little different. To say that a team went "5-5" usually means that they won 5 and lost 5. The proper way to say it would be that they won 5 of 5 or that they are 5-0 in their last 5 games.
But hey, we are preachers. We always round up to the next number, right?

I hope that mom makes it home. safe. I'm going to call her tomorrow and see if she wants to come spend a week or two in Houston.

Rick Ross said...


Thank you for pointing out my mistake. No wonder I threw the CPA off.

Jeff said...

I thought it was just a preacher's way of keeping score, sort of like writing a 6 on your golf scorecard after getting a 10. I dunno.

The pitstops are fascinating. If you and I could get in and out of the gas station with new tires and a clean windshield in 15 seconds it would be great.

Now, if you could get all the golfers in a foursome to tee off at once and then race in individual carts to their ball - that would be exciting.

On the other hand, as long as Tony Stewart keeps struggling, NASCAR just isn't as exciting.

Rick Ross said...

How does a racecar driver struggle? Does he get cramps in his ankle? Or excellerator toe?

jross said...

Watching Tony Stewart struggle is like watching Tiger sink a 50 footer ... SWEET!

Josh Ross said...

Who is Tony Stewart?