Thursday, March 08, 2007

Places to Go

I was reading a friend's blog this morning, and today I have blogger-block. So, I will borrow his idea for my blog today.

Beverly and I love to travel. I can't say we are world-travelers, but we have seen a number of places together. However, there are still many I would like to see. Here is my list (not necessarily in order of priority):

San Francisco and drive HWY 1
Yosemite National Park
New York City (again)
Yellowstone National Park (again)
Niagara Falls

England and Scotland
Paul's missionary tour (Greece and Rome mainly)
African safari
Australia (again, but for sightseeing)
New Zealand

That about covers it for me. My favorite domestic places I have been are: Yellowstone and New York City. Internationally would be Cabo San Lucas and Australia.


Kyle R. said...

Yellowstone has been one of my favorite destinations so far.

I want to go to Alaska. I think I would live in Alaska, but Shelly won't consider that.

Following Paul's missionary journeys sounds interesting. I hadn't thought of that before.

jross said...

So, which one are you visiting for Bev's 50th?

Josh Ross said...

I can't believe you didn't make any glowing remarks about the greatest place in the US--Hoover Dam!

randy said...

Linda deeply wants to go to Alaska while I would very much like to see New Zealand - sightseeing is fine but I prefer to see it through crosshairs. I hear ducks are considered varmints in NZ and there is no limit. No limit!