Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thoughts on Prayer

This morning in my prayer group, we were talking (of all things) about prayer. Isn't it incredible that we have so often dwelt upon the "right way" to pray? Would two friends discuss the "right way" to have a conversation?

I have, in the past, gotten hung up and felt guilty because I don't pray as long as some people. I read these studies where it says that the average preacher prays for 30 minutes, or some such thing. Well, I don't regularly pray in 30 minute blocks. But I don't talk on the phone for long periods of time, either. It's just not my personality.

And here's another thing. Now, hang with me on this one. I am not in any way opposed to getting a lot of people praying for a specific thing. But what is our motive? Do we think that we will sway God's decision about something because we overwhelm Him? Couldn't one person's prayer accomplish as much as a thousand?

I know I am just throwing out a lot of stuff here, but I have been thinking (maybe rethinking) a lot about my own theology of prayer. I am coming to see it more as an ongoing conversation with my Father. Not as a wish-list for Him to sit and listen to. But as a way in which I can grow into oneness with Him. I see prayer as a tool for changing me, not God.

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randy said...

I long for the day when I can truly call on God as a son to his father and get over the image I've always had of God as an avenging spirit eager to punish the slightest theological deviation.