Monday, October 23, 2006

Computers and Stuff

Yesterday I made mention of us living in the "computer revolution." The PC is only 25 years old. And remember how slow those dinosaurs were? Then there was internet dial up -- with that horrible noise you had to endure while it connected (what was that all about, anyway?)

Well, now we have to have faster computers. Our home computer has been running "slow", so I called Dell and they are fixing me up with 1 gig of memory. They tell me that I will have a racecar computer now. (Actually, it will help my Tiger Woods game to perform better. It's all about priorities).


Let's start our week off with this Tozer quote:

Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.
--Psalm 34:3

I am positively sure after many years of observation and prayer that the basis of all of our trouble today, in religious circles, is that our God is too small.

When he says magnify the Lord, he doesn't mean that you are to make God big, but you are to see Him big. When we take a telescope and look at a star, we don't make the star bigger, we only see it big. Likewise you cannot make God bigger, but you are only to see Him bigger....

My brethren, God calls us to magnify Him, to see Him big. A meeting is not big because a lot of people are present. A meeting is big because a number of people see a big God in the meeting. And the bigger God is seen, the greater the meeting. A friend of mine has a little saying, 'I would rather have a big, little meeting than a little, big meeting.' There are a lot of big meetings that are little because the God in them is a small God. And there are a lot of little meetings that are big because God is big in the midst of them....

That is the first thing--magnify God. Your ministry will be little, and you will live and die little unless you have a bigger God.
Success and the Christian, 36-37,40


Jeff said...

You'll love your gig. I just added a gig to my home computer and it's like a new machine.

randy said...

We look forward to the day when we shall see Him as he is. And that's liable to be bigger than we ever imagined.