Friday, October 06, 2006

Half a Century -- Whew!

Things I have learned in my first 50 years:

Good food with good friends is hard to beat.
The future is rarely as bad as the media tries to predict.
Whatever one political party accuses the other of, they are probably guilty of themselves.
Make time to enjoy sunrises and sunsets. It is worth it.
Enjoy a romantic movie with your wife. She will not question your "macho-ness" for doing so.
I still like sports, but not nearly so much as I used to. Follow a team for a whole season all the way to the championship. The adrenaline rush when they win is pretty fleeting.
I love cold nights around a crackling fire place and sitting on the porch watching it rain -- but there is nothing like watching it snow.
Enjoy a "sinful" dessert every one in a while.
Marry right.
Marriage gets better with age. Unfortunately, many people never find that out.
Adult children walking with the Lord may be the greatest reward this side of heaven.
Grandkids are "da bomb."
Investing time in service to others really does make one feel better.
Working with one's hands (yardwork, etc.) is very theraputic.
God really is good -- ALL THE TIME.

I could go on, but will cut it off here.


Please be praying for Beverly and me as we go to Lovington, New Mexico this weekend.


Beverly Ross said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Rick! I love that we have learned so much together! We've come a long way, baby - and I am lovin' it!

davisrc said...

Welcome to the ranks of 50 something. Those younger are now old enough so that we can learn from them.

jenny biz said...

Happy B-day Dad! Can't wait to celebrate!!