Friday, October 20, 2006

Sports Talk

So, it's Detroit and St. Louis in the World Series. Most of my friends are going for St. Louis. I think I will be pulling for Detroit. After all, they are Texas Rangers North (Kenny Rogers and Pudge Rodriguez). It will be the closest I will probably ever get to rooting for the Rangers in a Series.


When I was attending ACU (1974-1978), they had just come off of winning an NAIA national title in football and also won another while I was there. Since then, things have not gone well for the Wildcats. They have gone through years when there were probably more players on the sidelines than fans in the stands.

But not now! They are 7-0! Last night, they defeated West Texas State (ranked #4 in the nation). They were even on TV. My son, Josh, called about 10:15 to tell me. So, I watched the last 6 minutes of the game -- switching back and forth to the World Series game. The commentators were lauding ACU's head coach for not only emphasizing football -- but life.

In fact, I was told that ACU no longer has an "athletic dorm." The coach wants his players to be more assimilated into the student body -- to experience more opportunities to grow spiritually. That's cool! Now, if he can only keep them away from Sub-T 16.

Go 'Cats!


Josh Ross said...

The question isn't who are you rooting for in the World Series, but will you even watch a game of the World Series?
Just curious.

How bout the Mavericks? Dirk, J-Terry, Howard, and my boy Avery are all signed for the next half decade. I smell a couple of Championships.
Oops, while I was writing this post a whistle blew. Howard was called for a foul against D-Wade!

Beverly Ross said...

Funny, Josh! I am so made at myself that I really like Wade's new commercial.
Rick - you and Randy are twinkies today - how does that feel?????

Jeff said...

Sub T-16 produced some of the best athletes to pass through ACU, not to mention a few well known preachers and school leaders. They only got kicked off campus because their members were so upstanding, it was giving the rest of the student body an inferiority complex and it was all the school could think to do to level the playing field for awhile. Not many people know this real reason so keep it quiet.

It's good to see ACU doing well in athletics. It would be even better if they recruited some of our church member-athletes.

I was a water boy for the championship team in 1977!

Rick Ross said...


I might watch a game or two. I watched the Cards-Mets game last night while also reading.

In case you are wondering, Beverly is referring to Randy Galloway. I wrote my blog before reading the Star-Telegram this morning. He also referred to Detroit being as close as Rangers fans may ever get to the Series. I often find myself saying things I later read that Randy had said. That might be a scary thought.


The information about Sub T-16 may be the best-kept secret ever!

Were you really the water boy for the '77 team? That was a long trip to make to games. Didn't you live in Tyler?