Friday, October 13, 2006

Rating the Fair

Yesterday was a great day to be at the State Fair. Not overly crowded. Pleasant temperature. Great company (my wife and granddaughter).

Our first stop was to grab a corndog. After downing them, we headed for the car show. As we walked, Malaya said, "Sometimes when I walk, I just like to think about how much God loves me." So, we walked in silence for a few moments as our 6-year old precious one taught me a lesson about life.

Here is the official 2006 Ross critique of the Fair food (today I will only eat a Subway Turkey sandwich and a Chili's grilled chicken salad):
Corn Dog: "A" -- this is a staple "must" of any Fair experience. I don't usually even like corn dogs.
Roasted Corn: "B+" -- I love corn on the cob. This one was good, but a little bland. They serve it so hot, you have to watch out or it will burn your lips. I got a blister on my lip a couple of years ago.
Fried praline: "B" -- the praline itself was very good. The fried stuff didn't really add anything.
Fried Coke: "C" -- this just didn't cut it for me. Beverly and I shared it. You know something isn't very good when both people sharing it are saying, "You can have the rest." "No, that's OK. You eat it."
Funnel Cake: "A+" -- We have a friend who operates two food booths at the fair. They are primarily pizza places, but he makes funnel cakes with strawberries or apples or plain. We had strawberries. It was delicious!
Fresh-squeezed lemonade: "A+" -- again, from our friend's place. Truly one of the fair highlights each year. All that sugar!
Pizza: "A" -- Our friend's regular job is making pizza. He knows what he is doing. It was so good. We ate it last night as we waited for the parade to begin.

Our favorite events: The pig races are always fun. But the bird show was incredible! Malaya enjoyed the petting zoo, as well. And she loves the parade.

It was a really good day! (Burp)


Josh Ross said...

How can 1 human being eat that much?
You might need to down some Pepto today!

Kyle R. said...

Forget Pepto. Go straight to Pepcid.:) And don't have your cholesterol checked for the next few weeks.

...I just had a strange hankering for some funnel cake with apples; they don't deliver do they? There's no way I'm driving into town with all those people to get some.
Hsve a great weekend!

Beverly Ross said...

I love fair food!!!! Had a blast!

jenny biz said...

Sounds delicious and disgusting at the same time! Malaya had a great time!

Kelli said...

We like the fried macaroni and cheese. It tasted like a good old fashioned church potluck casserole. Scott and I couldn't stomach the fried coke. I took a few bites and my stomach is still punishing me for it several hours later!