Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Yesterday was such a good day! The attendance was down considerably, from rain (?), ACU homecoming or whatever. But that didn't dampen the day. The response I have had to my Names of God series has really been overwhelming. And then to witness Cade Isham being baptized -- WOW! We also had a sister who has been struggling spiritually ask her church family for prayers and support. In addition, three families placed membership. And how special it was to hear Ancel share about total dependence on the Father in his Communion thoughts.

Next Sunday I will share the results of our congregation's vote for their favorite name of God. I feel like I preached with a little extra passion on the ones that are my favorites. So, we will see if that shaped the vote any. We had a great voter turnout!

Next Sunday I will also begin a new series on the book of Acts. This year's LTC is covering this book, so I thought it would be good for the whole church to spend time together here.

Let's make an intentional effort this week to be the hands and feet of Jesus -- wherever we go!


On a humorous note: Fulton Allem is known on the PGA tour as being one of the toughest golfers to have to work for or deal with. He is about a "C" player who thinks he is much better. During the 1996 MCI Heritage Classic, he was playing so badly, he fumed, "I feel like breaking something." His caddie shot back, "How about breaking par?" Allem fired him on the spot.

Some people just don't have any sense of humor.


jenny biz said...

What a great, blessed Sunday! I love your teaching on the names of God!

jross said...

Where is he an elder?
To all elders - just kidding!

Jeff said...

It was a great day of worship and fellowship.

You forgot to mention that TO caught 3 TD's though.

Liz Moore said...

I love the names of God too! I still remember when you and Beverly did them at Mesquite. Every time I get a new Bible, I transfer all the names of God to the inside cover. I just got a new Bible this week and that is the first thing I did, transfer those names. I know the people in Decatur are being just as blessed as I was and am by you and Beverly doing those studies.

randy said...

I am in awe of what Ancel shared with us on Sunday morning. It is so very difficult to talk about the trials and dimiminished expectations of raising handicapped children. My the Lord bless he and Tina as well as their children.

Anonymous said...

What are you trying to say about Fulton. He is a much better player than you are giving him credit for. World wide he has won over 26 tournament much more than I can say for most guys on tour. He went through a very bad divorce and had his children very young taken all the way across the coutnry by there mother. If you want to praise God you should do your research before making comments on thing you odviouly have no idea about. And by the way that caddy has been his caddy for many years and did not fire him. Fulton has more personality and spunk than 90% of those guys and if you asked any of them they would tell you the same thing. Preach about what you know. Thanks