Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Last Evening

Today Jerry Nicholas is having a biopsy on a place on his leg. What a courageous, inspiring man he is. He and his wife Anna have certainly been two of the treasures we have discovered since coming to Decatur. Please be praying for Jerry -- that the results might come back negative. Also, be praying for both him and Anna -- for the Lord to cover them with His presence, comfort and peace.

It was so wonderful last night to be able to witness the new births of John and Delores Foley. They have visited our church, and asked that the elders come visit with them. Mike McDowell and Ronnie Hess went Monday night and shared and studied with them, and last night they were baptized. It was great!


Red Lobster's stock should be OK today. I ate well, but did not overdo it. Not because of any self-control on my part. When you order, you get to choose two kinds of shrimp. I ordered shrimp pasta and coconut shrimp. They were both very good. When the waiter came and asked if I wanted more, I said, "Yes, more coconut shrimp." He informed me that they were out. So, they saved some last night by being out. I could have done considerably more damage.

Both the food and the company were great.


jenny biz said...

Glad you guys had fun at Red Lobster!! Sure hope we get to celebrate it soon!!! Hope things went well with Jerry.

Beverly Ross said...

My thoughts are with Anna and Jerry today too.
I had a blast with you last night - watching you oink out on shrimp and German chocolate cake! Now I can't wait to do the Cheesecake Factory and movies!!!! Let's just go for dessert!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Enjoyed your blog!!

Jack B