Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Introducing Molly

OK, the cat is out of the bag (or in this case, the dog). For years, Beverly has said that one of her dreams is to wake up on Christmas morning to have a dog in her stocking. So, I have been checking into how to pull that off.

Yesterday I was on my way to WARM, and was passing by Noah's Ark (the local pet store). I decided to go in and talk to the owner about a breed she might recommend. She mentioned several, and said that she would highly recommend a long-haired chihuahua. And it happened that she had one left from her litter. I saw it -- and fell for it.

So, I had to tell Beverly. I called her, and she said, "Rick, I don't think I want a dog right now." She is going off of past experiences with me and one particular dog. I said, "OK, we'll just wait then." She said, "No, I'll come look at it." I told her, "Don't do that. If you see this dog, you are going to love it."

Well, she came to the store. She saw the dog. And she fell in love, too. Needless to say, we have a dog. Black and white female. Her name is Molly.

After our 1st phone call, Beverly IM-ed me and said, "I just had a phone call from some man about wanting a dog." She could not believe it was actually coming from me. When she called Josh to tell him, he said, "Mom, what have they done with Dad?"

She is the sweetest dog. Sleeps on my lap while I work in the computer. Whined for a while last night at bedtime. But when I went in this morning, she was asleep in her little doggie kennel.

I must admit I am surprised at myself. I think I am mellowing with age. But I like it.


Josh Ross said...

SPEECHLESS! I am in a state of shock.

jenny biz said...

I too, am in amazement, shock, WOWED! Way to go Dad. I know Mom loves Molly and surprisingly it sounds like you do to a little!! Really---on your lap??????

Liz Moore said...

I remember all of your comments about your dog (I believed you referred to it as Beverly's dog :) when we were all at Mesquite. This is the last post I ever expected to see on your blog! People say you mellow as you get older, that last birthday must have really done you in! :)

On a different note, I didn't watch the Cowboys Monday night. I was watching something much better... How 'bout those STARS!! 8-1 !!

Josh Ross said...

Liz, has hockey already started? I had no clue.
They get no love from ESPN or ESPNews.
(For the record, I did know that hockey started. It is just one of those sports that I place in the "I don't care" pile like Nascar.)

jross said...

Love ya,
Unk JR

randy said...

Paula's dog is Molly. Linda's dog is Molly. Now Beverly's dog is Molly. I'm confused.

Liz Moore said...

Nascar...really...oh come on!! I agree about the I don't care pile on Nascar, but The STARS are exciting! Much more exciting than say T.O. :) or D.Wade :) or whose that baseball team that plays in Arlington?? Oh yah, the Rangers... now there's something for the I don't care pile :) By the way, this is all in fun... you know I love ya!