Tuesday, October 03, 2006

W.A.R.M. and WCCC

I am saddened at the news of yet another school shooting. So many things in our society today could lead one to live in fear. Yet some of the most common words spoken by God and His Son were "Fear not."


First Tuesday at W.A.R.M. is the busiest day of the month (they are not open on Mondays). So, I am going to head up there in a few minutes and get my first taste of what it's like. I continue to be so impressed by this ministry.


Tonight is a dinner to introduce Beverly's new ministry to Wise County. Wise County Christian Counseling. There are well over 80 people who will be joining us for barbeque in the church "Fireplace Room." It is so exciting to see how the Lord is blessing this ministry. A little over six months it was only a dream in the minds of a handful of people. Now it has been fully operational for a couple of months. We are still in need of additional funding. But as we look at how the Lord has blessed it, we are confident that Jehovah-Jireh -- "the Lord Will Provide."

Would you join us in praying for this ministry?

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Josh Ross said...

Hope the dinner goes well. That ministry is amazing.