Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Year of Jubilee

My son, Josh, reminded me yesterday that I have entered the "Year of Jubilee." In the OT, every 50 years all debts were canceled and the people took a year off -- with pay! (I wonder if my elders would agree to that?)


Yesterday, Beverly and I returned from Lovington. We had a great weekend with that church. This is the third straight year we have gone out there, and they are already wanting to plan for next year. One of my best friends, Larry Tittle, is a minister there. And so we got to spend some good visiting time with him and his wife, Aleta.

That church was so encouraging to me two years ago. I was going through some really tough times of self-doubt due to the church situation I was in at that time. I was seriously considering getting out of ministry. But that church was so affirming! So, they hold a special place in my heart.


Before we left Friday, I had gotten the Dallas Morning News out of the front yard. I opened it to find an advertising insert titled, "Be Who You Are." It was about 12 pages -- promoting the homosexual lifestyle. I am going to contact the News, and tell them I think it was inappropriate. I'm sure they will tell me that it is paid advertising, so there is nothing they could do about it. But would they accept paid advertising from the KKK?

I've been thinking: Every argument that homosexuals use to support their sinful lifestyle could be made by pedophiles. Is that going to be the next step in this slide? There is already an organization committed to promoting men-boy relationships (I think it is called "Manba", or something like that). Who will be able to say it is wrong? This is the consequences of throwing out God-given morality.


Jeff said...

As much as you are gone, I thought you were already celebrating. (For those who don't know the on-going joke between Rick and me - I'm just kidding).

I'm glad you are back and the trip was successful - both in the work you did and that it was the right weekend.

Josh Ross said...

Glad it went well.
Can't wait to celebrate as a family over Thanksgiving!!!

Beverly Ross said...

Year of Jubilee!?!?!?!!?? Sounds like fun! Wowsie!
I loved traveling with you over the weekend! Lovington was so much fun!

Shannon said...


Glad your trip went well. Happy 50th brother. I love and appreciate you and your family! God bless!