Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Catching Up on Stuff

Wow! The Cowboy game last night was ugly! I am still keeping with my vow not to watch them, but Beverly got home late -- so we had it on while we ate. And then, while I was playing Tiger Woods golf, I could hear it. Either this team was grossly over-rated or the T. O. poison has spread.


I heard a report that said oil has dropped so drastically because the oil companies want to help the Republicans get re-elected in the mid-term elections. I certainly hope that is not the case. I don't like being played with like that. I don't want this blog to be a political one, but if I knew that was the case -- it might cause me to change my vote.


I got to see pictures of my grandbaby-to-be! Josh says it definitely resembles him. At this point, from what I can tell -- I would agree.


Beverly and I did a marriage retreat this weekend for a church south of Dallas. The retreat was in Midlothian at a Salvation Army complex. It was really a nice place! I wonder how many kettles of cash it took to build it? I'm being cynical. It really is a nice retreat facility.

I love hearing Beverly share with people. What an incredible woman she is!


By the way, in case you have forgotten: I LOVE the Decatur Church of Christ! After a year and a half, Beverly and I find ourselves -- it seems like daily -- saying how blessed we are.

God is SOOOOOO good.


jross said...

Even if the oil rumor is true (which I doubt) - it's better than saying "Speaker Pelosi"!

Josh Ross said...

Cowboys looked pretty bad. Ouch!

If the Republicans don't win the upcoming elections, life isn't over. I know some people that think it will mean that God has frowned upon this nation. I know Republicans who are faithful Christians, non-Christians, and lousy Christians. Likewise, I know Democrats who are faithful Christians, non-Christians, and lousy Christians.

Our allegiance isn't given to a political party, but rather to an in-breaking Kingdom.

As for now, I will enjoy the low gas prices.

davisrc said...

It seems pretty straightforward to me. When oil prices were higher it was republicans protecting their friends in the oil business. When prices are lower it's a republican conspiracy to influence the elections. No doubt if prices were to stay the same it'd be because the republicans weren't doing enough about the environment. I'm neither a republican nor a democrat but it's pretty clear who gets the short end of the stick media wise. Have also seen many faithful Christians who were lifelong democrats.

I failed to watch the cowboys game but I did take a day of vacation and after making my doctors appointment in Weatherford continued on to the deer lease to take care of a few things. And I feel absolutely no frustration about it.

Jeff said...

I'm no TO fan but after watching the game last night, it's obvious the poison is the offensive line. It would have been money well-spent to drop TO and buy offensive lineman.

I won't change my votes because of the scandal because there will be another that comes along for the other team. I used to be somewhat involved in the political process but have found myself growing disenchanted with almost all politicians. The power does seem to get to the majority of them at some point which is sad. Even sadder, I think much of the apathy by our citizenry is because few candidates truly represent the good of the people.