Thursday, January 29, 2009

Defending Rush?

I can't believe I am doing this today.  I am defending Rush Limbaugh.  Well, actually I'm really not.  I think he is a mean-spirited, slanderous, self-righteous baffoon who tries to hide behind love for God and country.  Yet there is no semblance of God in his words.  

But he is an entertainer! (I am using the term loosely)  He is not a voting politician.  He cannot do anything to actually affect public policy.

But I digress.  Here is where one might think I am defending him.  He is being vilified in the press right now for saying that he hopes Obama fails as president.  I mean, people are coming out of the woodwork to roast him over this.

Just wondering.  Why is it that Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) and Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader) have been able to say the same things about George Bush for years with NO public outcry?  And they CAN vote and affect public policy.

And why can Sean Penn act in ways that would have found him guilty of treason a generation or two ago, and be considered a hero by many?  And how can Alec Baldwin and Barbara Streisand and The Dixie Chicks and Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks (do I need to go on?) say the same kinds of things, and get a pass?    Because they are entertainers?  (see comments on Limbaugh above)  I have heard Bush compared to Hitler! His intelligence has been questioned. He has been called EVIL. 

If this country doesn't begin to pull together in the midst of our diversity, we are in big trouble.  And the hatred for individuals is SO ugly.  I don't ever remember anything like it in my lifetime.  Why does being able to pretend you are someone else by reading lines (an actor) give one perfect clarity in all things political?

I used to listen to Rush some.  I agreed with a lot he said.  But his mean-spiritedness and blindness to anything other than his own opinion TOTALLY turned me off.  But come on, people!  Let's be even-handed here.  I'm not even opposed to some form of reprimand for Limbaugh.  But let the same reprimand be issued to the Bush-haters, too.             


Jeff said...

I think people will eventually be seen for what they are. I haven't listened to Rush in years because it is painful to me to hear his ranting and raving. I don't listen to the Chicks or Springsteen either simply for using their stage to voice their political views. If they are so smart, why don't they join the process instead of rant and rave.

I think I've read/heard as many Obama-haters as Bush-haters. I'm still surprised by some of the email I get about Obama.

We are a country that is reaping what we have sown. Years of ethical and moral decay is coming home to roost. I really believe we are going to see darker days and almost have to see them if this country is going to return to where our ideals want it to be. It's a dark view and one that I truly hope is very, very wrong.

Anonymous said...

I don't listen to Rush either, but I did hear what he said and it's being taken out of context. SURPRISE!!!

He actually said he wants president Obama to be successful UNLESS he tries to turn our country over to socialism. That's where he hopes the president fails.

I agree with what you have said. The press loves the left - and gives them a pass on anything that would prove distasteful.

By the way, did anyone know that Iraq has another election this week? Wouldn't know it by listening to the new.

Josh Ross said...

I can't believe you're defending Rush either! :)