Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weird Weather Reporting

We are in the middle of an "ice event" today.  I have come in to the office, but will probably go home late morning and study there.  The weather people are saying conditions will only get worse as the day goes on.

The coverage of weather events like this crack me up.  The local stations (DFW) will have reporters all over the place -- standing out in the cold at intersections and overpasses all over the Metroplex to tell us how cold and dangerous it is.  I would believe them without them having to endanger a crew driving out to some distant location to tell me.

And the cameras will zoom in on an icicle hanging from a guardrail.  Or a car loosing traction.  Or show shots of sleet pelting a windshield.  

And this will go on for HOURS!

PLEASE!  Just tell me the temperature, and what you expect the conditions to be.  Tell me about schools and businesses closing.  But spare me the phony theatrics.

The same thing happens in hurricanes.  "You should not be out in these conditions!  Even though we are out here -- waiting for a piece of sheet metal to come flying into our heads."  If they are out there, don't you think it puts in the minds of some people that they can be, too?

I went to the doctor yesterday for a checkup and because my blood pressure has occasionally been elevated lately.  At the doctor's office, it was 135/82!  That is the best reading I can ever remember having!  And I have dropped 15 pounds since last year's checkup ('scuse me while I brag.)  He did change my blood pressure medicine from one that has been used by the medical profession for years to a new medicine that not only treats the symptoms, but also works on the cause.  I will be interested to see how that goes.

"24" -- Wow!  I only have one question.  Why doesn't the President commission Jack Bauer to go get Bin Laden?  He could take out him and his whole terrorist network in a day (24 hours).     


Anonymous said...

Weather in Florida has been miserable too. Today it's supposed to be 78 with blue skies! How is a person supposed to make a living under these conditions?

Glad to hear about your BP.

Jeff said...

If they didn't show all these weather reports, I wouldn't get the same satisfaction of knowing I'm living on the edge by driving to work. They tell me to stay home so I get on the road as an act of rebellion.

Congrats on losing the weight.

Josh Ross said...

24 is the best show on television!