Thursday, January 08, 2009

Weird News

I read with interest yesterday that a group of atheists in Britain have taken out advertisements on 800 buses.  The ads say:  "There's probably no God.  Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

At first glance, I became a bit angry -- because I got defensive.  

But then I read that what inspired them was an advertisement on a bus from a Christian group, inviting people to a website where they were told they would "spend all eternity in torment."

Freedom of speech can be a double-edged sword, can't it?  We like it when it benefits our side.  We scorn it when it benefits the other.

In these STRANGE times, we Christians need to consider Jesus' words seriously when He said we need to be "as shrewd as snakes, and as innocent as doves."  We MUST put aside the militant evangelism of the past, and live out the gospel in ways people can see.  I mean really, isn't it sad that those atheists in Britain could even suggest that the pursuit of God takes away from enjoying life?  Where are they getting such ideas?  From watching "religious" people.

How about this strange piece of news?  A doctor is suing his ex-wife, who had an affair.  He had donated a kidney to her, and now wants to be compensated.  Price?  $1.5 million!



goooooood girl said...
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Jeff said...

Sometimes the message has to be uncomfortable to be heard. I've heard stories where someone was boiling mad before they would hear what was said to them because it took them out of their comfort zone and made them think.

I guess perfecting the "speaking the truth in love" idea is a work in progress for a lot of us.