Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Michael Young Controversy

The big talk here in the DFW area right now is about Texas Ranger Michael Young being asked to move from shortstop to 3rd base.  His response was to ask to be traded.

On one side are those who are saying that he has been loyal to the organization -- as lousy as it is.  Coming to the organization as a 2nd baseman, he has already made one position change.  And this is the thanks he gets for his loyalty.  My immediate response was to take this side.  

On the other side, some are asking,  "How removed from reality is this guy?"  People are being laid off all over the country.  People are being reassigned -- often at lower salaries.  Here is a guy making multi-millions.  He is still going to make his money.  He will STILL be a starter in the Rangers' infield.  And truth be known, while he is an adequate shortstop -- his limited range would be better suited to 3rd base.

I think those are legitimate points.  As the economy gets tougher, I have a feeling that prima donna athletes are going to have a hard time garnering public sympathy for things like this.       

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Jeff said...

It's said that "being a team guy" is such a big deal in pro sports. At every other level, the coach tells you where to play to help the team and you either play or you don't. Young needs to make the move. Besides, Nolan Ryan is for it from what I've heard and if Young doesn't comply, Nolan may put Young in a headlock and go to beating on him in the middle of the field.