Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wrestling with God

Do you ever struggle with theological issues like why God demanded genocide in the Old Testament?  Do the old answers settle the issue for you ("God's ways are not our ways", "keeping Israel pure", etc)?  

Well, they don' t for me.  And it seems that I am coming across more and more people are struggling with their faith over such issues.

What really struck me is that I have cited the Koran's commanding "death to the infidel" on a number of occasions, while not recognizing the Old Testament's similar words.

I have some theories as to what was at work there, but will probably keep them to myself.  And I find myself saying more and more to God:  "I believe.  Help me in my unbelief."  It seems that things were a lot "safer," and easier, when I used to have all the pat answers.  But also shallower -- and that's not where I want to be.   


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have struggled with these things too. I have come up with some of my own conclusions that I keep out of the pulpit. Let me just say this - I do not think God places as much value on human life as we do. His emphasis isn't on our right to live, but on our being totally dependent on Him.

Frank said...

It is by belief that all mankind are the Children of God. That being said the chosen people of the old Testament were to keep them selves pure for God. So I feel that if you take that principal of staying true to God one a national level as displayed in the O.T. And apply it on a personal level as a N.T. Christian. It is better to go to Heaven blind than he11 sighted.

Jeff said...

The closer I get to God, the more I find myself in this idea of wrestling with Him. I think it's because I am more comfortable going through the process and accepting the answer-even if I don't like it. Before, I developed the answers I was more comfortable with.

I also agree with John. I have far too long placed a lot of emphasis on what happens here and now and the life I know and can easily comprehend. I think God is simply concerned with preparing me for the eternal life and the battles I fight today, even when I don't understand why I have to live through them, are simply getting me ready to grasp the joy that awaits me.