Monday, January 12, 2009

It's for the Birds

Poor Atlanta (Falcons) and Seattle (Seahawks).  Poetic justice should have included them with the Ravens, Cardinals and Eagles in the NFL championship game.  They could have promoted it as the "Birds of a Feather" championship.

A sportswriter this morning noted that preseason predictions said all roads to the Super Bowl led through Dallas.  And the four teams going to the conference championships all played the Cowboys this year -- and beat them.

At least there is hope for the Texas Rangers.  I figured they had about as much luck making the World Series as the Arizona Cardinals had making the Super Bowl.  Well, the Cards are one game away.  I never thought I would see it.

"24" began a new season last night.  I'm not sure what it is about that show that captures my attention like it does.  Beverly and I don't follow much TV.  We couldn't tell you anything about many of the shows that are deemed to be great dramas.  But somehow, we got hooked on "24"-- and it keeps us riveted.  Jack Bauer is, perhaps along with Clint Eastwood, the best anti-hero ever.           


Josh Ross said...

We had a special prayer for Jack yesterday morning at church. :)

Anonymous said...

Any team but a Pennsylvania team!

You got me hooked on "24". I now own all the seasons on DVD.

Jeff said...

I didn't get to watch 24 last night and I'm not sure when I'll be able to settle in and watch it but can't wait.

I've thought pro football was for the birds for a long time. If I'm going to watch any of it, I'll be cheering for the Cardinals - especially if it gives the Rangers a better chance of making the World Series.