Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What Would You Do?

So much for Michael Phelps' "hero" status.

There is a show on ABC entitled "What Would You Do?"  I've only seen it once, but it is very interesting.  They were showing a clip from it this morning on GMA.

Here was the scenario:  What would you do if you saw a baby alone inside a car at in retail parking lot?  They found that 90% of those who actually heard the baby crying walked on by (it was a model of a baby, but it looked and sounded like the real thing).  

There was a day I would have tried to find the parent-in-charge and given him or her a self-righteous sermon.  But now?  Well, I wouldn't ignore the situation.  I really think I would report it to the store manager.  And if that didn't get the desired results, I would call the police -- and stay close by until help arrived.

The guy who does the show suggested that you find the window furthest from the baby and break it out with a brick or a rock.  I'm thinking:  No, not in today's world.  I would be setting myself up for being beat up or sued.  I was really surprised at his advice.

What would YOU do?     


Anonymous said...

I think I would do the following:
1. Call the police and wait until they arrive.
2. Take pictures of car, baby, and license plate (just in case the parent returned before the police arrive). I WOULD NOT confront the parent.
3. Stay with the baby and try to comfort him/her from outside.
4. Make a police report.

May I offer a scenario I experienced.
I was in a store and overheard a dad tell his TODDLER, "I'm gonna beat the %#&@ out of you." I was ANGRY! I mustered the courage to give the guy a strong, angry stare straight in his eyes. He knew I heard him, but I did nothing more.

What would you do?

Jeff said...

I would break the window and tell everyone my name is Rick Ross.

Kyle R. said...

I agree with Jeff.

Rick Ross said...

You guys are funny! But I wouldn't put it past either one of you.