Friday, January 16, 2009

Downed Plane, Inauguration, and Baseball

What a bargain!  Buy an airplane ticket, and get a cruise down the Hudson River for free!

I would not be joking about this if anyone had been seriously injured or killed.  What an incredible story!

I love presidential inaugurations.  There are certain things dealing with pomp and pageantry that make me proud to be an American.  Like the way we honor a veteran at a military service.  The changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery.  And the peaceful exchange of power in the White House.

So whether I vote for a candidate or not (I even watched and enjoyed Bill Clinton's 1st inauguration), I enjoy the inauguration ceremony.  I will take my day off next Tuesday just to see it.

Update to yesterday's blog:  Kudos to Michael Young for reversing his decision and agreeing to the change of position.  He IS one of the good guys in sports, and once again he proved it.  


Jeff said...

I have a differing opinion on Young since he's complaining to reporters about making the move. It still leaves the door open to ongoing problems if things don't go well with the new shortstop.

I was reading today that the Obama's are having to seek donated funds to augment the $100,000 budget for redecorating their living quarters. It's been similar for past-President's so I'm not being anti-Obama on this - just thinking it's crazy how much we let our politicians spend. I'm pretty sure there are a few people running around our country that can't imagine owning a $100,000 house, much less using it and more to redecorate.

Kyle R. said...

This is one thing love about our democracy--the exchange from one commander-in-chief to another made possible by the will of the American voters--all without military conquest or coup.

Even though I find myself in the minority of this electorate and disagree with a good portion of his proposed policy, I honor Mr. Obama as president-elect (and soon to be president) of the most blessed nation in the world today.

I, too, think a hundred grand plus is a little over the top for redecoration, but the known issues to which President-elect Obama must tackle from day one to the unknown ones which will arise in the not so distant future, I suppose $100K is quite miniscule.

Let us all pray that God's purposes may be unhindered and the name of Jesus may be exalted in our country under this new administration.