Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK, Super Bowl and the White House

Today is MLK Day.  He inspired America with a dream.  Regardless of your or my political bends, tomorrow we get to see a part of that dream fulfilled.  Let us pray that it will help us to get past one of the most immoral issues in America's history -- racism.
Steelers and Cardinals in the Super Bowl.  That has to make the "Phony Cowboy GM" (aka Jerry Jones) sick.  The Steelers are early 7 point favorites.  I can't decide who I am going to root for.  Unless it is my favorite team in a competition, I usually go for the underdog.  So I should be for Arizona (I made this correction after it was pointed out to me that they moved from St. Louis years ago.  Old habits are hard to break.  I still have to stop and think:  It's not the Baltimore Colts.)  But since I am now the anti-Jones fan, if Pittsburgh were to win, that would give them 6 Super Bowls -- thus taking some of Phony Cowboy GM's thunder.  By the way, have I reminded you that "Mr. 13 years without a playoff win" trashed the previous owner for going 5 years without a playoff win?  Oh, yeah -- I think I have.

I think I will be rooting for the Cards.  I really appreciate Kurt Warner.

I saw a piece this morning on GMA about the moving process at the White House tomorrow.  While the inauguration is taking place, 95 movers are transitioning the living quarters.  In 4 to 5 hours, they move the Bushes totally out, strip the paint in the Oval Office and repaint, and move the Obama's in.  EVERYTHING will be in place.  Girls' toys where they want them.  Clothes hung in the closets.  Food in the refrigerator.

I was a bit surprised at this:  Both the Bushes and the Obamas must pay for their own moving expenses.



Anonymous said...

Hey Bro. I think the Cards are still in Arizona. ;-)

I am for the Cardinals. I can't stand the Steelers! The wounds go to deep. If the Steelers win, I may need medication.

Obama paying for his own moving? Sure.

The media bias is sickening. 4 years ago $50 million was spent on Bush' inaguration and the media went CRAZY!!! Now, $150 million is being spent, and the media is just fine with it. Nothings too good for the Anointed One.

Sorry - a little cynicism there, but it's pathetic. I hope / pray Obama is a GREAT president, but the coronation is over the top.

Anonymous said...

Spelling corrections:
wounds go "too" deep

Jeff said...

You mentioned St. Louis referring to the Cardinals. You are showing your age. :)

I'll be pulling for the Cardinals. All those years of Bradshaw, Harris, Swann and those guys with no teeth...I just cannot root for the Steelers. Plus, I like Warner's story.

I don't think racial stereotypes will ever completely disappear but I'm fortunate that I grew up in a time and with people that didn't hold to racist ideas. While they were all around me in East Texas, being one of a few white kids on a basketball team let me spend a lot of time with folks of different color and they were my friends.

Jeff said...

I think donations really pay for the moving just like federal funds plus donations make up the $100k and up redecorating budget. I don't think politicians pay for much of anything out of their own pocket.

Rick Ross said...

I can't believe I referred to the St. Louis Cardinals. Beverly and I had that discussion just yesterday. I guess it stuck in my head.

I am aware that the Bushes and Obamas are probably not paying "out of pocket." But I am surprised that it is not a government expense.

Much of the cost for Obama's inauguration is for extra security. Unfortunately, there are still some racist wackos out there.

"The Anointed One?" I agree that there is definite media bias. But, brother, that sounds like something from Rush Limbaugh.

Jeff said...

My problem is that there will always be wackos running loose so do they just keep spending more and more money (now approaching 300% more than ever spent) or do they start doing something differently and try to find ways to cut spending?

It's wonderful that we have a peaceful transition of power but can the government really ask for more money from me when it spends as much as it does for all the hoopla? Maybe someone should consider changing the circumstances of the transition instead of letting the money fly. Where is the accountability from the government? Companies are cutting back and laying off. Our own government is shaming corporate CEO's for their salaries but spends just like those shameful CEO's and think nothing of it.