Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday Night Church

THIS is my weather!  What an invigorating morning!  I will enjoy all two or three weeks of it (in Texas we call that Fall) and then the two or three weeks we have in March (we call that Spring).  Just kidding.  But it is SO nice after 4 months of 95+.

I can't wait for church tonight.  I LOVE our men's class.  And I hear such good things about Beverly's ladies' class, too.  There is just something special about getting together with the people I love on Wednesday nights.

I think it is because I am a person of habit.  On Wednesdays, Beverly and I go out to eat together before church, and then we treat ourselves to a Brahm's yogurt after church.  And sandwiched in between is great fellowship!  THAT makes for a good evening.     

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Beverly Ross said...

I LOVE our traditions! Wednesday nights are one of my favorites!