Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Presidential Debates

I kind of doubt that the presidential debates have changed many people's minds, much as most religious debates through the years.  I have watched all three of the presidential debates, plus the vice presidential debate.  I find myself hearing one of the candidates begin to say something on a subject -- hoping they will offer a solution.  But they always seem to stop short.

I grew up in a home that dripped with sarcasm.  And I lived much of my adult life falling back on it myself when I was losing an argument.  I have come to see it (for the most part) as a negative way to deal with conflict.  When I find myself reverting to it, afterwards I don't feel clean.  I realize that even the apostle Paul used it at times, but I have tried to break that in my life.

So as much as I would like McCain to be able to verbalize his message, I have to say his sarcasm and eyerolling (a sign of contempt) probably lost him votes in the debates -- especially last night.  The split screen did him no favors.  Maybe that is just my opinion, but early morning polls seem to support that. 

I would like to know more about Obama's relationship with his former pastor and the former terrorist.  His explanations sound fairly reasonable, but I would like to hear it verified by legitimate to confirm what he is saying.  But please:  Don't send me stuff from radical groups.  They only cloud the picture.  If it can't be verified legitimately, then it is gossip and slander.

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Jeff said...

I missed the debate last night but am guessing I didn't miss much. I'm still where I was several months ago - thinking there is not a good choice for President. I'm disappointed McCain has spent his time talking about Obama and not the problems around us.

It's just 4 years, right?