Friday, October 24, 2008

You Missed It!

I had written a blog for the ages (yeah, right).  Great insights about the Stock Market (sure!), Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin, and the joke of a team called the Cowboys.  But for some reason, my post failed.  So, have a good weekend. 


Beverly Ross said...

I am sad I didn't get to read it. I love reading your thoughts! Sounded like a great blog when you were telling me about it. Boohoo! Isn't the internet a funny thing????

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Rick, with the Cowboys pulling out a win on Sunday maybe it was a way of God telling you not to give up on HIS team!! HA

Do you like the Sarah Palin or are you offended. I personally laugh at most of the impersonations. Last night's of Biden was a little weaker than some but funny if you keep up with Biden in the news.

Hopefully you can get the post up again.