Friday, October 03, 2008

Marriage Research

Interesting marriage research results from the UK as reported by John Bingham:

Couples who described themselves as 'happy' recommended regular romantic gestures and time spent without the children. 

A poll of 4,000 couples found that spending at least 22 periods of "quality time" together every month, such as going for a walk or sharing a romantic meal, were also key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Researchers asked couples who described themselves as "happy" or "very happy" to estimate how much time they spend together in an effort to work out the secret of their success.

Analysis of their responses suggested that couples looking for happiness should aim to spend at least seven evenings in together every month with two proper dinner dates.

Other important elements included two romantic walks a month and at least one visit to a pub or cinema without the children or other friends.

Educational Psychologist Dr Ludwig F.Lowenstein said: "Affection, cuddles and romantic gestures are part of a whole romantic scene which is desired by those entering a relationship.

"They are the safe gestures which say 'I like you, I am glad to be with you, I like and appreciate your support and care.'

"In this busy world we often take our partners for granted whilst we get on with our daily struggles of work and rearing a family.

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Powerful article! Thanks for sharing it!