Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fair Ratings

Yesterday at the Fair was nice.  The weather was pleasant -- and the company ideal.  The crowds were not to my preference, but we got through that.

I tried several foods.  I may have managed to stay within my calorie limit from yesterday's blog. 

So this year's "specialties" are ranked as follows:
Fried cheesecake:  I could have eaten a bucketful.  Crispy on the outside, but moist on the inside.  Delicious.  

Grade:  A+

Chicken-fried bacon:  This has gotten all the attention this year.  Extremely salty.  After a couple of bites, I was craving something to drink.  The 1st strip was OK.  I was ready to stop at that point.  While it was good, it did not live up to its billing.

Grade:  B

Fried avocado chunks:  Just plain nasty.  I took one bite, and it left an aftertaste that I had to find something else to cover it.  Beverly seemed to like it all right.  Jenny and I both had looks on our faces like we had bitten into a green persimmon.

Grade:  F

Edward Fudge had some frank insights into the current financial crisis.  They are words that may be unsettling for some, but are important for us as we keep our Kingdom perspective:

In the midst of such circumstances, believers do well to remember that God has no special deal with America, and America has no guarantees from God. However, actions do have consequences, and societies cannot plant one crop and harvest another. Whether God still chastens nations directly or simply allows their own moral corruption to take its course, the effect is the same. Godly people often suffer and die alongside the scoffers and scoundrels. Faith does not mean that God will always protect us from evil now. It does enable us to trust him, whatever may come, in the confidence that he will have the final, victorious, eternal word.


Jonathan said...

good thoughts...thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Fried Avocado? Why?

Enjoyed Fudge's thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Also enjoyed our phone conversation. We should have them more often.