Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Theology According to T. O.

I haven't written about T. O. for a long time.  I think it is because I have come to feel sorry for him (a little).  No matter what he says, it gets twisted by the media in a way to make him look bad.

But I want to write about Sunday's game.  I didn't see it live.  I have seen the replays of him crying on the bench.  The media was all over him for that -- saying that he was crying because he only had a couple of balls thrown his way.

Well I was on my way back from a funeral in Garland yesterday, and just happened to hear him on "The Michael Irvin Show."  He said that he was crying because his mother had called him the night before to tell him about a relative who had died.  So he had called his pastor -- who told him that he believed God was going to give him the opportunity on Sunday to bring Him glory. He felt that the touchdown he had scored was from God.  Thus the crying.

That's sweet.  It does at least give a different twist than the media had put on it.  But that got me to thinking about T. O.'s claim.  As I heard Dale Hansen say, if God made the play so that T. O. could catch the pass, doesn't that mean that God had to make the defensive back fail?  When a guy hits a homerun and steps on homeplate and immediately thumps his chest and points to heaven, doesn't that mean that God had to make the pitcher throw a fat one up?

I totally agree that God has given certain people athletic abilities with which they can bring Him glory.  But does it break down to individual plays like that?  If so, who are God's favorite teams?  (I know it was once the Cowboys, but He HAD to have changed teams when Jerry Jones fired His favorite coach, Tom Landry).

I truly think theology like this has only sold in America -- where we are so self-absorbed that we think God is interested in our personal successes more than he is in the Kingdom being advanced.  It will be interesting to see how well this "God wants you to be rich, successful, happy and a winner" is going to weather the economic downturn.  Joel Olsteen is going to have a rough time explaining where God went to many of his flock when they have lost 30% of their investment portfolios.  I KNOW such a distorted gospel doesn't sell today in 3rd world countries.  Or in China or Russia or Islamic nations  -- where Christians are persecuted.          


Jeff said...

So, if God doesn't help TO score a touchdown to allow TO to give glory to God, does He intervene in the lives of people with cancer? Or in a marriage crisis? How do we know when His will is active in the lives of an athlete or a regular guy?

I don't pretend to have the answers. I have my theories on when He intervenes or doesn't but I do know that I am supposed to try to follow His will. Too often I want I find myself wanting Him to make things happen to match my will.

Rick Ross said...


I struggle with the same issues. However, I can't think of anyone else who would have to be the loser if God healed someone of cancer. And the loser in a healed marriage would probably be someone who was trying to destroy the relationship to begin with -- which is sin.

I don't know. But I will trust the One who does.

Josh Ross said...

Good words. Right on.