Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Start From Scratch

Some days I sit here to write, and nothing seems to come to me.  But here goes anyway.

I am a little surprised at my reaction as we find ourselves in this current economic crisis.  Usually I get antsy and fret.  But at least currently I am totally at peace.  I have no idea what the future holds, but I know that the One who holds it is faithful.

I do wish that there were some way to begin a national movement to vote for anyone running against an incumbent.  I used to enjoy politics.  I even considered going into it at one point.  Now it nauseates me.  I can't remember when there has been more rhetoric and less action than by the current crop of public "servants."  (Since when did servants make the kind of money these folks do?)  I would LOVE to be able to vote them all out -- and start from scratch.  You're probably saying, "But they're not experienced."  Experienced at what?  Politics as usual?

Maybe I should have gone with my gut and just not written anything today.    


Jeff said...

I'm trying to figure out if the current levels of experience are what has gotten us into this mess or if it's preventing it from getting any worse. I'm certainly not happy with my perceptions of our politicians (I'm trying to figure out who you are referring to when you write "public servants").

Rick Ross said...


Good point as to our current crisis. I didn't explain myself well. As I look over the past several years -- I just don't see that this group has dealt with the serious issues that need to be dealt with.

As to your comment about public servants -- I am assuming that you are being sarcastic(?) For some reason I have never figured out, this is a label politicians gave themselves long ago.

Jeff said...

Oh, I agree with you completely. My first inclination is to say "throw the bums out" and start over. Then again, I pause and wonder if their experience is keeping us hanging on. In the end, I would probably side with throwing the current group out. I don't have much faith in them.

Yes, I was being sarcastic. I'm sure in years gone by many people entered the government arena to serve but I don't think that is the case so much today. The "public servant" label makes me laugh when applied to politicians. To policemen, firemen, teachers...overall a good description because they aren't doing it for the money or prestige. Not so with most politicians.

KAW said...

Not long after Billy and Bobbie had come to Decatur, someone stoppped me @ church and asked me a question about some issue we had addressed @ our school board meeting. Billy overheard the comment, turned to me and said something to the effect "So your a politician." My reply was that I hoped not, that my prayer was to be a statesman. That remains my prayer today.