Friday, October 17, 2008

Football Trivia

Last night, TCU put it on #9 BYU (yeah!).  I find it interesting how a person develops likes and dislikes for different teams.  For most of my life, I have rooted against Notre Dame and BYU -- no matter who they were playing.  I'm glad to see TCU doing so well.

And my alma mater, ACU, is tearing it up!  It has been a long, dry spell for ACU football.  They have their "game of the year" this Saturday.  Go Wildcats! 

Also, here is hoping that UT puts the whoop on Missouri.  Another thing I root against:  Anything Southlake:)  Chase Daniels is a product of that money machine. 

And how about those Church of Christ boys playing quarterback for big-12 schools?  Colt McCoy for Texas, is currently the leading Heisman candidate.  And don't forget Texas Tech's Graham Harrell.  

While we are on the subject of football, has anybody seen "The Express"?  Beverly and I are thinking about going to see it.  


Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

We are going tonight! I am looking forward to it.

I always root against the Oakland Raiders - the arch rivals of the Denver Broncos :)

Jeff said...

I took Josh to the Express and we enjoyed the movie but were surprised by the use of bad language.

Don't forget Jordan Shipley for Texas. His dad played at ACU and now coaches in Coppell.

Hook 'em Horns. We used to go to TCU games when LT was the running back. There was a barber in Decatur who's son played center on one of LT's teams and got Josh a football autographed by the whole team. I'm glad they are playing well again this year.

Jeff said...

The other thing about the supposedly takes several liberties with what really happened in Dallas. It makes the UT football team look very bad but newspaper reports claim it didn't happen the way the movie portrays it.

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Rick, haven't seen the movie but it looks good. However, from some of the comments maybe not.

I've been an Aggie fan for almost my whole life even though I went to ACU. I find it hard to root for the Horns even when they play OU (and yes I've lived in Texas my whole life). I really like that Colt and Jordan are such good role models and good Christian guys though.

I like Southlake b/c I like dominate teams for the most part.

I've also rooted against ND and are loving that TCU whooped up on BYU last night.

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

Okay - we saw the movie last night. For a PG movie I was really surprised with how many times they took the Lord's name in vain. I guess that is not really a big deal to most movie goers...but it is to us. other than that, I thought the movie was fantastic.